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The Final Victory Organization

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The mission of the "Final Victory Organization" is to convey the remarkable untold stories of the fortitude of the Jewish people that rose from the ashes. The Fund seeks to achieve this by producing powerful, distinctive Victory films and presenting them to audiences around the globe.

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One Flight For Us - English version ללא כותרות

The film is based on research by prof. David S. Wyman, titled "The Abandonment of the Jews".
The film reveals research and evidence that prove beyond doubt that allies, led by US and Britain, knew of the destruction of Europe's Jews and remained silent.
within the range of US planes, there wasn't even one flight for us, one flight designated to bomb the ovens and railroads, thus stopping the destruction of the Jews.
General Amir Eshel, an air force pilot who has learned this period of history, initiated and realized -
"ONE FLIGHT FOR US", a formation of three F15 of the Israeli air force flying over Auschwitz.
This formation signed a clear statement in the sky - NEVER AGAIN!

Directed by: Haim Hechet
Produced by: Roy Mandel