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The mission of the "Final Victory Organization" is to convey the remarkable untold stories of the fortitude of the Jewish people that rose from the ashes. The Fund seeks to achieve this by producing powerful, distinctive Victory films and presenting them to audiences around the globe.

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The Return of the Violin - English Version

During the 1930s, when Hitler was establishing his grip on power, he expelled Jewish intellectuals, writers, poets and musicians from Germany. Following the Nuremberg Laws in 1935, as the situation become more precarious for Jewish musicians, Bronislaw Huberman - one of the most prominent violinists of the twentieth century - gathered those musicians in an effort to establish an Israeli orchestra. To fulfil his vision, Huberman recruited financial assistance from wealthy Jews in America and Britain and convinced Ben-Gurion to provide permanent residence certificates for seventy Jewish musicians and their families. The musicians were chosen by Huberman through a series of auditions in Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Austria.
An inspirational documentary film, 'The Return of the Violin' illuminates the disasters of history alongside the wonders of life underscore the importance of Huberman's guiding values. 

The film was directed by Haim Hecht and produced by Roy Mandel.