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The Final Victory Organization

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The mission of the "Final Victory Organization" is to convey the remarkable untold stories of the fortitude of the Jewish people that rose from the ashes. The Fund seeks to achieve this by producing powerful, distinctive Victory films and presenting them to audiences around the globe.

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Two Barns - English Version

For more than 70 years,the story of the barn in Jedwabne,east Poland where the local Christians burned to death their Jewish neighbors-all 1'600 of them-was perceived as a unique case of cruelty and brutality. The movie "2 Barns" proves irrevocably that the Jedwabne incident was not an exception, but rather the rule.Even before the Nazis declared their 'Final Solution' tens of thousands of Jews had been murdered by their neighbors in villages and township all over Poland,Russia and Ukraine. The leading protagonist of our story Prof. Shevah Weiss who served as the Isareli Ambassador to Poland. The story of his survival due to Righteous among the nations allowed the Polish people the opportunity to honestly look into their history throughout the war.
The Historian Prof. Jan Tomasz Gross, who revealed the story of the Jedwabne pogrom. Issac Lewin, who was with his family at the outskirts of the Jedwabne on the day of the pogrom.
The poet Wislawa Szymborska, a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature,who,even she cant put the cruelty of her people into words.
The Historians Prof. Yehuda Bauer,Prof Jan Garbowski and Dr. Havi Driefuss,some of the world's most prominent Holocaust reserarches.